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Howard's Trailer
Industry: Trailer
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "New Fish in Town"
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Howard's Trailer is a trailer that is only seen in the episode "New Fish in Town." It serves as the home for Howard.



Howard's Trailer is a small, metallic trailer with a single door and window.


The interior shows much more detail as it has a couch and even a small area where Howard does his painting at.

Associated characters


After driving around for awhile, Howard parks his boat and trailer on Patrick's yard noticing it is for rent. Squidward tells However it wasn't at first, but Squidward changes his mind after hearing that Howard likes doing most things he does such as art and playing music. Squidward and Howard head inside of Howard's trailer where the continue to discuss their many likes. However, Squidward starts to worry after hearing that Howard hates jellyfishers. Squidward, for the rest of the episode, tries to distract Howard from SpongeBob and Patrick but fails due to Howard eventually starting to act like them. Squidward then pushes Howard's trailer off of a nearby cliff and Howard dives down after it.

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