How to Be Normal for Beginners is a film that SpongeBob watches to learn how to become "normal" in the episode "Not Normal."


The video case has a green background and an image of the businessman/Average Joe, who one would stereotypically perceive to be "normal." Above this reads the film's name written in dark blue letters.


The movie shows the life of a "normal" (AKA the Average Joe) person named Joe and how his life crosses with the other "Normals." It shows what his house looks like, how he communicates with others, and how his cycle works.

Role in episode

After watching this film, it effectively wipes SpongeBob's personality to the "normal" lifestyle and turns him from a fast food restaurant fry cook/chef into an incredibly bland and boring accountant/office worker. This leaves Mr. Krabs puzzled and annoyed about SpongeBob being "normal" after finding out about the Paper Patties trick, which causes Krabs to lose all his restaurant customers for a day.


  • When SpongeBob opens the movie case, it is a VHS tape. However, the episode it was featured in premiered in 2008. For several countries, including the United States, they stopped producing VHS tapes for new movie titles in 2006, ending with the last Hollywood major film A History of Violence.