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How to Become a Fancy Waiter in Less than 20 Minutes

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How to Become a Fancy Waiter in Less than 20 Minutes
Squilliam Returns 032
Owner: Squidward Tentacles
Type: Book
Appearance: "Squilliam Returns"
List of objects

How to Become a Fancy Waiter in Less than 20 Minutes is a book about what the name of it implies. It appears in the episode "Squilliam Returns."


Its cover is made of a brown, leather-type substance, and is bound with golden straps around the spine/side. The titular writing has a similar style to most of the writing that one would expect from Bikini Bottom, there is also no author given.

Role in episode

Squidward tells SpongeBob to read the book to trick Squilliam Fancyson into believing that the Krusty Krab is a 5-star restaurant. SpongeBob pledges to memorize it, "down to the punctuation marks," but finds that it includes too much information for his brain to handle. He soon explodes and destroys the book.


  • By the width of the book, it should most likely take longer than 20 minutes to read this entire manual.
  • There was an actual book released in 2014 with this title, it was written by Kelner Camarero.

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