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How To Open Things

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How To Open Things
Rodeo Daze 18
Type: Book
Appearance: "Rodeo Daze"
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How To Open Things is a book only seen in the episode "Rodeo Daze."


The book has a dark orange color and brown words with a "1st edition" label. A little starfish with a beard and glasses makes a cameo on the cover.


According to both SpongeBob and Patrick, the book contains a large cast of information on how to open things. According to SpongeBob, he has seen the movie, but has not read the book. The book contains visual articles on how to open things. Among them are: Jars, Boxes, and Sandy's Door. 


  • SpongeBob needed the book, because he could not open Sandy's Door.
  • He twisted right, when he should have twisted left.
  • It is unknown why Sandy's door was in this book.
  • There has been a movie made off this book, which SpongeBob has only known of.

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