"House Worming" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season ten. In this episode, when worms move in to SpongeBob's holes, it's up to him to hide his disgusting new friends from everyone else.



House Worming 010

At night, when SpongeBob is sleeping, a small worm starts living in SpongeBob's head through one of SpongeBob's pores. He wakes up to feel a weird sensation, only to realize that a worm has started living inside of him. SpongeBob eventually allows the worm to stay in his head for a night, after the worm cried when tried to be forced out of him. He later named the worm Prickles, after the prickly sensation the worm has on his head.

House Worming 038

Later, while SpongeBob continues to sleep, Prickles gives the all-clear to other worms about the good residential worm area, and they all later party inside SpongeBob's head. Gary, being completely fed up with the new worms, kicks SpongeBob out of the door as well as throwing his pants and deodorant to SpongeBob. After doing his morning routines outside his house, he goes to work at the Krusty Krab. He tells all of the worms not to appear outside during his work time or else risking losing his job.

House Worming 063

At the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs notices SpongeBob with many worms peeking out of SpongeBob's pores. He warns SpongeBob against having worms on his body. However, the worms ignore Mr. Krabs' warnings and threw their trash onto the patty stove. Mr. Krabs soon loses his temper and fires SpongeBob immediately.

Walking outside, SpongeBob meets Plankton on the way. He explains to him that he got fired from having worms around him. Plankton asks SpongeBob if he could remove the worms in exchange for a deed for Plankton himself, which SpongeBob agrees to. However, when Plankton tries to get rid of all of the worms, he ends up being crippled and surrenders.

House Worming 095

SpongeBob walks to his neighborhood and asks Patrick for help, but refuses because of SpongeBob's scary appearance. Then he asks Squidward for help, but quickly hoses on SpongeBob in attempt to get the worms out of SpongeBob, and even Gary barricated SpongeBob's house (and possibly locked the door) to prevent SpongeBob from coming in until the worms are gone.

SpongeBob, now sitting by himself, and at the edge of insanity, declares himself to be "SpongeBob WormPants" and laughs at the new name he has given to himself, fully losing his sanity in the process. He laughs so hard that all of the worms quickly left his head. Gary comes back to SpongeBob and he hugs Gary. Meanwhile, the worms quickly go into Squidward's house and, presumably, settle in Squidward's head.


The episode name was confirmed in a tweet by Vincent Waller on August 11, 2016.[1]



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Cream Pie - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Title card.]
  Mission Improbable - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Opening.]
  Animal Antics [#45] - Phil Green [SpongeBob sees a worm inside his head.]
  The Jitters - Raymond Jones [Gary screeches at the worm.]
  Befuddled Gent - Phil Green [SpongeBob names the worm Prickles.]
  Fates [#62] - Gregor F. Narholz [Prickles starts crying.]
  Drama Link (o) - Hubert Clifford [Prickles begs SpongeBob to let him stay.]
  Solo Steel 4 - Jeremy Wakefield [Prickles sleeping inside SpongeBob's head.]
  Adventure Fanfare 1 - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [Prickles invites more worms over.]
  Speed Freak - Freebie and the Bean [Dance music/Dance music still playing after the time card.]
  The Fruitcake Vendor - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony ["Open up, Gary! I'm still in my underwear!"]
  Nude Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Sweet Dutchman's ghost!"]
  Sailor's Sting 15 - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob tries to hide the worms from Mr. Krabs.]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["What the heck is Squatter's rights?"]
  Sailor's Sting 15 - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr ["Ooh, they're lawyering up!"/"Oh! That's the last straw!"]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks (h) - Jeremy Wakefield ["And don't come back until you're de-wormed!"]
  The Fruitcake Vendor - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Plankton sees SpongeBob's head full of worms/"Ridding SpongeBob of his worms will put him forever in my debt."]
  ? [Plankton enters SpongeBob's head trying to crash the worm's party.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob spits out mangled Plankton.]
  Speed Freak - Freebie and the Bean [Worm's party continues/SpongeBob goes to Patrick's rock.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks (k) - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob sees Squidward.]
  House of Horror - William Farran [Squidward screams as he hoses down SpongeBob.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks (j) - Jeremy Wakefield [Gary growls as SpongeBob walks past.]
  Beer Festival - Dick Stephen Walter [Worm watching TV.]
  Do the Hitchhike - Syd Dale [Two worms in jacuzzi.]
  SpongeBob Rocks the House - Nicolas Carr [Worm dancing.]
  Old Creepy Feeling - John Scott [SpongeBob going nuts.]
  Tension Bits - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob laughs crazily.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks (a) - Jeremy Wakefield [All worms leave SpongeBob's head.]
  Unknown Track 2 - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["Well, that's better."]
  Speed Freak - Freebie and the Bean [Worms go to Squidward's house]


Sleepy Time 052
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  • As of September 29, 2017, The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) gives this episode a rating of 8.8/10 based on 94 ratings by users.[2] users give this episode a 6.1/10 based on 6 votes.[3]


  • 3,000 Wup-Poos Later...
  • Soon After...

Cultural references


  • When SpongeBob is knocking on Patrick's door, his mouth calls out Patrick's name, but his voice doesn't saying anything.
  • After Patrick is scared by SpongeBob's worms, he sees Squidward and yells his name repeatedly. When he is yelling those words, they do not match up with his mouth.
  • In the French title card for the episode, the text is still there, it disappears when the credits start to fade in when the card fades away.


SpongeBob SquarePants - SpongeBob WormPants Nickelodeon01:44

SpongeBob SquarePants - SpongeBob WormPants Nickelodeon


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