"House of Horror" are two different tracks, with one consisting of five parts composed by W. Merrick Farran, and the second one composed by Larry Hochman. Both tracks are played using low strings, higher strings, a glockenspiel, an oboe, a bassoon, and low brass instruments.


House of Horror pt1
House of Horror pt2

The two sound files above are parts 1-2 of House of Horror version 1 and parts 3-5 of House of Horror version 1, due to file size restrictions.


Version 1

Part 1

This is a deep, dark part of the piece.

Part 2

This part is slightly less deep and dark, but it features more "creepiness."

Part 3

This part features many "creepy" elements into the piece, more notably the combination of high violins and glockenspiels.

Part 4

This part is the more ghostly part of the piece. This part features ghostly-sounding sopranos and high violins.

Part 5

This version is the "scary" part of the piece. It is often used in scenes where threatening moments are prevalent. Sometimes only the ending part is used to show dramatic effect of a dangerous, gross, or threatening moment.

Version 2

This version is a completely different cue composed by Larry Hochman.


  • Version 1 can also be heard in an episode of the American sitcom Roseanne.
  • Currently, none of the episodes in SpongeBob SquarePants use all five parts of "House of Horror."
  • There are only two episodes that both have "House of Horror" at the end of both episodes that also happen to be sister episodes. They are "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" and "Teacher's Pests."