If you were looking for the article about the food, then see Hotdog on a String (food).

Hotdog on a String is a small restaurant seen in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl." It is located in the Bikini Bottom Mall.



Hotdog on a String is shown as a small, red building. The sign above has the words "Hotdog on a String" written in three different colors: pinkish-white, red, and yellow. There is also a large fishing rod with a hot dog hanging from it that extends from one side of the sign to the next.


Pearl first went here to apply for her first job at. One of Pearl's friends, Marina, works here and directs Pearl to the manager's office who the manager is named Mr. Pepalino. Pearl attempts to get into the office to meet Mr. Pepalino but she cannot fit through the door. Mr. Pepalino is then shown to be on Pearl's back but is accidentally thrown into the grease fryer. As he gets out, Mr. Pepalino says that they aren't hiring.


  • Hot dog on a string


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