Online game

Hot Sand Hustle is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Ditchin'."


In this game, SpongeBob has to collect coins to buy ice cream for Patrick. When SpongeBob has to get everything for Patrick, the player has to watch for the time so that it does not run out. SpongeBob must get enough coins before getting the ice cream.

He also has to watch out for his feet getting sunburned. He can cool down when he steps in water or on a beach towel. SpongeBob must also make sure the ice cream remains a solid when he gives it to Patrick.


SpongeBob - Hot Sand Hustle

SpongeBob - Hot Sand Hustle


  • The coins in this game have faces on them. If you look closely at the faces on the coins, you will notice that the coin faces are reused from the episode "Money Talks."
  • Anchovies are seen laying down on their beach towels.
  • The game over screen saying "Hot Sauce!" may refer to the bottle, Hot Sauce.