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Hopalong Tentacles
Squidward's Western Ancestor
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Hopalong Tentacles is a bartender at the Krusty Kantina. He first appeared in the episode Pest of the West and so far that was his only appearance. He plays the piano during a song by putting 5 cents into the coin slot. Like his descendant, Squidward, he thinks SpongeBuck (SpongeBob toward Squidward) is annoying. He sells milk, root beer and perhaps other beverages. It is unknown where he actually lives, he could possibly stay in Dead-Eye Inn. He thinks William Krabs is cheap just like the real Mr. Krabs. His name is a parody of Hopalong Cassidy, a fictional cowboy created by author Clarence E. Mulford.


He is very similar to Squidward in appearance, but also has a handle-bar mustache and a vest and brown shirt. He is best known for putting five cents into the piano to play a song.

His attitude is just like Squidward's. He dislikes SpongeBuck, like the present-time Squidward does to SpongeBob.

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