Hopalong Tentacles
Hopalong Tentacles playing the piano
Interests: Spurskate
Occupation(s): Bartender at The Krusty Kantina
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Turquoise
Eye color: Yellow with mahogany brown pupils
Classification: Octopus
Grandparents: Squidly (grandfather)
Ancestors: Squog
Descendants: Squidward Tentacles
Mr. Tentacles
Squeeze Tentacles
Employer: Mr. Krabs
Enemies: Dead Eye Plankton
Series information
First appearance: "Pest of the West"
Latest appearance: "Spurskate"
Portrayer: Rodger Bumpass
List of characters

Hopalong[1] Tentacles is the bartender at the Krusty Kantina. His first appearance was in the episode "Pest of the West" and his second appearance was in the short "Spurskate."

He sells a variety of beverages, including milk and root beer, and is shown putting five cents into the Kantina's piano to play a song. It is not known where Hopalong lives; he could be staying at the Dead-Eye Inn. His name is a parody of Hopalong Cassidy, a fictional cowboy created by author Clarence E. Mulford.

Similarities to Squidward

Hopalong is very similar to Squidward (his descendant) in appearance, but he has a handle-bar mustache and wears a vest as well as a brown shirt and a bolo tie. His attitude is very similar to Squidward's: like his descendant, he thinks that SpongeBuck (SpongeBob's ancestor) is annoying and sees Western Mr. Krabs as cheap (similar to the way in which Squidward feels about the modern-day Mr. Krabs).

He is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, the same actor who voices Squidward.


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