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The Hoopla Fish is a character that only appears in the episode "Krusty Krab Training Video."


The Hoopla Fish is a very small, green fish that wears a purple shirt and indigo pants. He opened his mouth widely when he yelled "Hoopla."


The Hoopla Fish continually interrupted the narrator every time he was going to say, "Sounds like a lot of hoopla to make over a little Krabby Patty, right?" After the Hoopla Fish shouted and cut off the narrator too many times, he got hit with a brick.


  • In the Spanish version he says "Hurra!" which means "Hooray!". This is a reference to a German punk song by Die Ärzte from the 90's.
  • In the German version he says "Hoppla!", which translates to "Oops!"
  • He is very popular on YouTube for memes and YouTube Poops.                                        

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