The Hook Museum is a museum seen in the episode "Selling Out." It is one of the places where Eugene H. Krabs went to in his temporary retirement.

It is a museum entirely dedicated to hooks.



The Hook Museum's exterior appearance is basically a green fishing chest opened up. It has a green sign that reads, "Hook Museum." It has a parking lot with only three visible parking spaces. There is one door on the main floor for entrants, and a door visible on the upper left of the building. Multiple windows can be seen on the walls of the exterior.


Selling Out 14

The interior of the museum

The inside of the museum only appears as walls covered with multiple varieties of hooks. Mr. Krabs is seen in the episode touring the museum, and uses a pair of headphones to listen to audio recordings, explaining the varieties of hooks further. Aside from this, the interior of the museum itself is fairly unexplored and unknown.


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