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Holographic Meatloaf is a projection of meatloaf made by Karen. It only appears in the episode The Algae's Always Greener. Plankton stated that was the only thing he could eat from his lack of money and eats it with some drink. At first, Plankton dislikes the meatloaf, most likely because it shows how he is unsuccessful, and has failed again in obtaining the Krabby Patty formula.

After the events of the episode, he returns to the meatloaf with newfound interest and begins "eating" it enthusiastically. 


It is a brown meatloaf with various vegetables around it. It is shown on a white plate.


  • Plankton-"Oh goodie, holographic meatloaf, again. When am I gonna get some REAL food. Mr. Krabs gets to eat real food, just look at his daughter! She's as big as a whale!"
  • Plankton- "Holographic meatloaf? My favorite!"
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