"Hold Still!" is the seventh and last comic of SpongeBob Comics #10.



At Squidward's house, Squidward tells SpongeBob that he needs to stay still because he is entering a painting of SpongeBob in the art show, Art of the Still Form. SpongeBob says that he is honored that Squidward chose him and the latter says that he would not have asked SpongeBob if he knew anyone else. SpongeBob says that he will remain still and goes on telling Squidward different instances, where he will still not move. Squidward says that SpongeBob's lips are still moving. In the background, Patrick is trying to get SpongeBob's attention to tell him something. The last thing SpongeBob mentions is, a "49% off sale at Goofy Goober Ice Cream."

Patrick then walks up to SpongeBob and wispers something to him. The final panel shows a painting of SpongeBob moving called "50% Off Sale at Goofy Goober," which was painted by Squidward. It receives the Worst in Show Ribbon.



Cultural references

SpongeBob Comics No. 10 (VE)

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