Title Role(s) in episode
"Driven to Tears" (tr) SpongeBob tells Patrick to pull over to one of the officers.
"Boating Buddies" (tr) Pulling Squidward over, and then giving him a ticket.
"Bumper to Bumper" (tr) Chasing SpongeBob during his driving test, and then arresting Mrs. Puff.
"Tutor Sauce" (tr) Mr. Krabs gets a ticket for having Gary the Snail drive the boat.
"Burst Your Bubble" (tr) Pulling SpongeBob over, and asking to see his license for the bubble boat. Later, pulling Mrs. Puff over and having her real boat towed for being "outlawed" from bubble boats. Then later, near the end of the episode, declaring that all bubble boats are illegal and telling everyone to get back to their regular boats.

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