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Highway Speed Patrol seen in "Bumper to Bumper"

The Highway Speed Patrol of the Bikini Bottom Police Department, enforces traffic safety and laws on the road.


These officers tend to wear all blue uniforms with a smaller badge. They also wear a helmet even if they don't drive motorcycle because they drive regular cruisers. They carry batons on their waist as well. Their helmets consist of sunglasses, and a mustache that can be activated by pressing a button on the helmet, as seen in the episode "Bumper to Bumper."


They first appear in "Driven to Tears," when SpongeBob tells Patrick to pull over to one of the officers.

They later appear in "Boating Buddies" when Squidward gets pulled over.

They also appear in "Bumper to Bumper."

Their latest appearance was in "Tutor Sauce" when Mr. Krabs gets arrested.

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