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Hedvig Fishtrap
Hedvig Fishtrap in Sold!
Residence: 120 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Aliases: Squidward Tentacles
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Turquoise
Eye color: Yellow with mahogany brown pupils
Classification: Octopus
Spouse: Gerhard Fishtrap (husband)
Children: 12 children
Series information
Appearance: "Sold!"
Portrayer: Rodger Bumpass
List of characters

Hedvig Fishtrap is an alter-ego of Squidward who only appears in the episode "Sold!"


She is an octopus that has long, stringy hair, (made out of the bottom of a mop) and wears purple jeans and brown boots with heels. She also wears a pink scarf and a blue headband. She wears a yellow top.


After Squidward played the electric clarinet for Patrick (under the guise of a rock star), he didn't change when he rushed back to SpongeBob's house, and so SpongeBob thought he was Hedvig. At first, Squidward was confused but he then caught on, fed SpongeBob trash, and put him outside.

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