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Hawaiian Cocktail
SpongeBob SquarePants Production Music - Hawaiian Cocktail01:02

SpongeBob SquarePants Production Music - Hawaiian Cocktail

General Information
Composer(s): Richard Myhill
List of associated production music

Hawaiian Cocktail was composed by Richard Myhill . It mostly plays as the sad theme for the show.


  • 1c. "Tea at the Treedome" - Sandy gives SpongeBob a grand tour of her treedome.
  • 2a. "Bubblestand" - "You should be ashamed of yourselves."; The ending.
  • 2b. "Ripped Pants" - SpongeBob walks away feeling embarrassed.
  • 4b. "Boating School" - "I’ve got too much to worry about."; "Only, now I don't even have my bike."
  • 8b. "Squeaky Boots" - SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs. "Oh, Mr. Krabs! I'm sorry! SORRY SORRY! I'm sorry..."
  • 12a. "The Chaperone" - "Oh, Gary, I'm a prom failure."
  • 12b. "Employee of the Month" - The Krusty Krab explodes and it starts raining Krabby Patties.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - "A game. That's right. Of course it is, my mistake. I guess I got a little carried away, eh?"
  • 17b. "Rock Bottom" - "Okay, 329."
  • 18b. "Walking Small" - "Gee, Plankton, I'm sorry about the Chum Bucket."
  • 19a. "Fools in April" - Squidward attempts to apologize to SpongeBob.
  • 19b. "Neptune's Spatula" - Patrick and Mr. Krabs cry; SpongeBob cries.
  • 20b. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" - "I'm sorry, Barnacle boy. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to spend time with you. You're my heroes!" (starts to cry)
  • 21a. "Your Shoe's Untied" - "SpongeBob's fault, SpongeBob's fault!!!"/"I failed. My career is over."
  • 21b. "Squid's Day Off" - Mr. Krabs puts Squidward in charge while he's in the hospital.
  • 24a. "Dying for Pie" - Squidward cries when he thinks SpongeBob has exploded.
  • 25b. "Patty Hype" - Mr. Krabs and Squidward make fun of the Pretty Patties.
  • 26b. "Squidville" - "SpongeBob, this is the final straw..."; "Yep, this is great..."
  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick are eaten. (Squidward's ending only)
  • 35b. "Band Geeks" - "Well, you did it. You took my one chance at happiness and crushed it. Crushed it into little tiny, bite-size pieces. I really had expected better of you people. I guess I'm a loser for that, too. Don't bother showing up tomorrow. I'll just tell them you all died in a marching accident. So, thanks, thanks for nothing!"
  • 38b. "Artist Unknown" - SpongeBob feels ashamed of himself because of all of the work he worked on, and runs away to a city dump.
  • 40b. "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" - "No, not tough enough. Not tough enough!"/"SpongeBob, quit your worrying. I can take care of myself. After all..."
  • 41a. "The Algae's Always Greener" - "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh..."
  • 44a. "Nasty Patty" - "What a brave man, going in the line of duty like that! Why? Why? Why?"
  • 45b. "Doing Time" - "But I don't belong here! It's all a big mistake!"
  • 46b. "One Krabs Trash" - SpongeBob leaves with the soda-drinking hat; "There he is with me $1,000,000 hat!"
  • 48a. "No Weenies Allowed" - SpongeBob cries after breaking his fingers.
  • 48b. "Squilliam Returns" - "O.K, I admit it! I'm a fraud! This was all a futile, pathetic attempt to impress you! This isn't really my restaurant...I'M JUST A CASHIER!" / "Squidward, I understand. I...have a confession to make myself."
  • 53a. "New Student Starfish" - SpongeBob sulks about getting detention.
  • 53b. "Clams" - Mr. Krabs bawls after his 1,000,000 dollar got eaten.
  • 55a. "The Great Snail Race" - SpongeBob apologizes to Gary for what he's done to him.
  • 56a. "Born Again Krabs" - "I'm sorry, Flying Dutchman." "What have I done?"
  • 60a. "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" - "Another day, another migraine."
  • F1. "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" - SpongeBob and Patrick cried after "everybody they know is a goner", Mindy tries to get their attention.
  • 64b. "Good Neighbors" - I have only half an hour of me time left, and the idiots took my house."
  • 65a. "Selling Out" - "Have fun, Mr. Krabs."
  • 65b. "Funny Pants" - SpongeBob sadly enters Mr. Krabs' office.
  • 66. "Dunces and Dragons" - SpongeBob and Patrick cry.
  • 67a. "Enemy In-Law" - "Why did I ever buy that computer wife? I need a real woman--not a girl in a cold-hard shell."
  • 68a. "Patrick SmartPants" - "Goodbye, Mr... BEST FRIEND!"
  • 68b. "SquidBob TentaclePants" - "It's no use, Sandy."
  • 69b. "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired" - "I failed?"
  • 70a. "Chimps Ahoy" - "I've worked day and night for a week, but none of my inventions were any good. If I don't have a real impressive invention by this afternoon, they'll cut my funding and I'll have to leave Bikini Bottom."
  • 70b. "Ghost Host" - "Lonnie, there's this grand new product named toothpaste."
  • 71a. "Whale of a Birthday" - Pearl cries while running to the Krusty Krab.
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - The spatula is being taken to the hospital.
  • 73a. "New Leaf" - Plays while seeing the inside of the Chum Bucket; Plankton gets upset after Mr. Krabs destroys his knickknacks.
  • 75b. "That's No Lady" - "Please unset it."
  • 76a. "The Thing" - "Day 5, I think. I've been waddling in those fields. I'm hungry, tired, lost..."
  • 77b. "Rule of Dumb" - The comic book collector cries.
  • 79b. "Squid Wood" - "Talk about no talent!"
  • 80a. "Best Day Ever" - SpongeBob finishes his speech.
  • 80b. "The Gift of Gum" - "What am I gonna do, Gary? It's hideous!"
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - "Why Mr. Krabs? Why does he hate us so?!"
  • 82b. "Night Light" - "All alone. No light. No shelter."
  • 83b. "Waiting" - "My birthday party? I missed my birthday party?"
  • 85a. "New Digs" - SpongeBob apologizes to Mr. Krabs that he was a minute late for work.
  • 85b. "Krabs à la Mode" - After the clamboni gets ruined.
  • 86b. "Bucket Sweet Bucket" - "Just forget it."
  • 87a. "To Love a Patty" - "I've been replaced by a sandwich!"
  • 88a. "Money Talks" - "I would give anything to talk to money!" (This one sounds more lower pitched.)
  • 90b. "The Donut of Shame" - "A donut this nice could really make a guy happy."; Patrick cries in front of SpongeBob confessing he took the donut.
  • 91b. "Le Big Switch" - The customer sobs after being insulted.
  • 93a. "Picture Day" - SpongeBob cries after Patrick puts him on his taco.
  • 94a. "Blackened Sponge" - SpongeBob looks in the mirror at his black eye.
  • 98. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" - SpongeBob escapes Bikini Bottom.
  • 100a. "Banned in Bikini Bottom" - "It's no use. I'M RUINED!!!!"
  • 102b. "Nautical Novice" - Mrs. Puff sees SpongeBob all groggy when he arrives on the bus.
  • 104b. "Gone" - SpongeBob cries after realizing that he can't imitate Mrs. Puff or anybody.
  • 105a. "The Splinter" - "No, anything but that. Please Squidward, you can't let this happen! (cries) You can't let them force me away!"
  • 106a. "A Life in a Day" - SpongeBob, Larry, and Patrick end up in the hospital.
  • 108b. "Plankton's Regular" - "It's the second foulest thing I've ever tasted!"
  • 109a. "Boating Buddies" - "Officer, please! I have impeccable boat smarts! I pried my self in obtaining an unsoiled driving record! It's all that I have!" / "Well you can have it again, right after you complete boating school."
  • 109b. "The Krabby Kronicle" - "You're reaching new levels of imagination, boy!"
  • 110a. "The Slumber Party" - Pearl gets angry at Mr. Krabs because of her slumber party that got ruined.
  • 110b. "Grooming Gary" - "I'm all alone behind this rope!" / "Uh, Patrick, I'm right here." / "You don't understand, SpongeBob! You'll never understand what it's like to be alone behind the red rope!"
  • 116a. "Squid's Visit" - Montage of SpongeBob crying and begging Squidward to visit his house.
  • 116b. "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" - "I wish I could see him one last time."
  • 118b. "Komputer Overload" - "Oh curse you cruel fate. Once again, you've left me covered in the sticky goo of my own folley. Only this time, I'm all alone."
  • 120b. "Toy Store of Doom" - Patrick explains to the construction worker that he and SpongeBob want to go to the toy store, but it's not open yet.
  • 122b. "Single Cell Anniversary" - "And now the smell of defeat's so deeply penetrates my soul that my very skin is permeated with its foul stench!"; "There's nothing wrong. Don't worry. I'm fine."
  • 123-124. "Truth or Square" - Plankton "launches himself."
  • 128b. "Stuck in the Wringer" - "I can't do anything without this stupid wringer getting in the way."; "Don't you go crying on me!"
  • 130a. "Greasy Buffoons" - The ultra chummy patties are shown.
  • 130b. "Model Sponge" - SpongeBob barges into Mr. Krabs' office, upset.
  • 133b. "Squidward in Clarinetland" - Squidward melts; "Squidward, are you okay?" (both sound higher pitched)
  • 136a. "A Day Without Tears" - SpongeBob stubs his toe. (higher pitched)
  • 140b. "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle" - (higher pitched) SpongeBob passes out; "SpongeBob, can you hear me?"
  • 146a. "The Abrasive Side" - SpongeBob is upset because he can't say no to anyone.
  • 150a. "Krusty Dogs" - Squidward is shown outside during his break.
  • 150b. "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa" - Mr. Krabs gets arrested after the ride has been destroyed.
  • 152a. "Big Sister Sam" - Patrick cries.
  • 152b. "Perfect Chemistry" - "Well, I guess you won't be needing me anymore." (heart shatters)
  • 161b. "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation" - Mr. Krabs cries over the shredded money.; Pearl cries.
  • 166b. "The Way of the Sponge" - Fuzzy removes Sandy's belt.
  • 202b. "Snail Mail" - SpongeBob is bored.

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