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Hats Store
Industry: Store
Location: Bikini Bottom
Products: Hats
First Appearance: My Pretty Seahorse
Latest Appearance: Have You Seen This Snail?
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Hats is a hat shop first seen in the episode My Pretty Seahorse. SpongeBob and Mystery go here to buy hats. Patrick tries to go inside at the end of the episode, but the wooden plank on his forehead blocks him from entering and the second was when the store was one of the places SpongeBob was looking for Gary when he ran away in Have You Seen This Snail?.


The store, Hats,  is shaped like a pink bomb and has a large sign that reads its name. The window is large and circular. The interior is revealed in the episode Have You Seen This Snail?.


  • There is another type of hat store in town called Hat Fancy.
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