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Harrison [citation needed] is a fancy teal fish that first appeared in the episode "Culture Shock."


He is a light teal fish with a tealish-green back fin. He wears a dark blue suit and a black bow tie.

Although, in Chum Fricassee, he is seen wearing a black suit and a purple bow tie.

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He seems to really dislike Squidward.


Culture Shock

When Squidward was dancing at the Krusty Krab, during the Krusty Krab Talent Show, Harrison was one of the people who started throwing tomatoes at Squidward. Harrison was even willing to pay one dollar for each tomato.[2]

Chum Fricassee

When Squidward was working for Le Chum Bucket, Squidward's grandmother showed up and told Squidward that he was not preparing Fricassee right. She explains that if it is not properly cooked, it can cause stomach problems. Harrison is one of the several customers that get angry at Squidward.[1]


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