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This is the home of Harold and Margaret SquarePants. It is also the childhood home of SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary the Snail.




It is a golden house with two floors. It has at least four windows and a door. The door and windows resemble the ones on SpongeBob's House. The roof of the house is white and double-paneled. It has a dark gray metal chimney. On the left and right of the door, there are two plants. In front of the door, there is a "welcome" mat.


The living room has green wallpaper with a floral pattern on it. There is a picture of SpongeBob. There are also pictures of unknown fish. The floor is carpeted and red. There are a set of stairs that go upstairs. On the left of the stairs, there is a cabinet with a clock at the top. On the right of the stairs, there is an armchair with a pillow on it and a stool in front of it. On the right of the armchair, there is a lamp with a light green base and an orange lamp shade and a picture on top of a barrel. On the right of the lamp, there is a light green couch with a pillow on it. Above the couch, there is an image of the sun coming up or down in the background and in the foreground, there are rocks in some water or goo. In front of the couch, there is a glass coffee table. In front of the coffee table, there is a TV. To the right of the couch, there is a lamp and barrel that looks like the one that is located to the left of the couch. Next to the lamp that is located to the right of the couch, there is a window with yellow curtains.

Role in the series

It first appears in the episode "BlackJack." SpongeBob gets a letter from his cousin, *BlackJack. It says that he is out of prison and has decided to pay Harold and Margaret a visit. It also says that if SpongeBob wants to see them again, SpongeBob needs to have a wrestling match at their house. SpongeBob gets nervous because when he was a kid, BlackJack would beat up SpongeBob. SpongeBob decides that he needs to save his parents. He runs to the house. It has police tape around it and the whole house is covered with plastic. SpongeBob thinks that a crime has occurred. SpongeBob forces his way in and notices that several pieces of furniture in the living room are covered in plastic. He continues walking until he notices a broken picture of him and his parents. SpongeBob imagines that his parents are having a peaceful night watching TV, when BlackJack bursts in and kidnaps them. SpongeBob then finds a cabinet that also has plastic on it. Inside, there is a note that says BlackJack has visited Grandma SquarePants' house. Towards the end of the episode, SpongeBob finds his parents at BlackJack's house. They are putting up decorations for a party. They reveal that the broken image, was just Margaret accidentally dropping it and the house was covered in plastic because it was being fumigated for krill.

Its second appearance is in "Truth or Square." When Mr. Krabs has a flashback to when Krabby Patties are 10 cents, SpongeBob is shown in the living room, watching TV.


SpongeBob and his parents lived here by the time SpongeBob was a baby.

At some point, the rug shown in "Truth or Square" was removed from the house. It is possible that the TV was replaced, but it is not known.

Associated characters


  • When SpongeBob at this house in "BlackJack," there are pictures of fish. Those fish are most likely Harold and Margaret SquarePants' friends, but this has not been confirmed.
  • In both appearances, the only room that is shown is the living room.

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