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This is the page about the red fish. For other uses, see Harold (disambiguation).
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Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Red-orange
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Spouse: Martha Smith (ex-wife)
Series information
First appearance: "Ripped Pants"
List of characters

Harold is a red-orange fish with chubby cheeks. He is the ex-husband of Martha Smith, and it is possible that he and Martha are the family and parents of Tyler.


He is a red-orange fish with light orange fins and chubby cheeks. He wears light blue swim trunks. (they sometimes have green flowers on them)


He is first seen in the episode "Ripped Pants" roasting and eating marshmallows in Goo Lagoon when SpongeBob asked him if he could borrow some, he nodded yes. In "New Digs" he wiped his mouth with SpongeBob's underwear. His name is revealed in "To Love a Patty." He also appears to be eating spinach in chocolate spaghetti in calamari sauce in "Karate Star." He is also seen in "Hooky" as a cameo saying his sandwich is a fried boot. His latest appearance was in "Tutor Sauce," in which he made a cameo appearance with Squidward whacking him with a spatula for seemingly no reason.

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