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  • In "The Fry Cook Games", Harold is the final torchbearer who carries the Olympic Flame to the site of the 21st Annual Fry Cook Games to light the giant burger and officially begin the event. However, the flame is put out by a gust of wind before he can do so, and he is forced to run to the stadium again. He successfully lights the burger, but is then inexplicably engulfed in fire himself.
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  • In "Bubble Buddy", he is shown to have a "special friend" named "Boo Boo Keys".
  • In "The Bully," he beats up an old man with other townspeople after SpongeBob cries out that Flatts is going to kick his butt, thinking he was referring to the old man.
  • In "Picture Day," he is hit with a ketchup filled balloon and warns SpongeBob about the teenagers throwing the balloons.
  • In "Mid-Life Crustacean", Harold complains about Mr. Krabs walking so slowly, saying, "Could you go any slower?" Later, Patrick rides on Harold's back as he walks away from the grocery store, and he says "Get off of me."
  • In "Sun Bleached", he is orange with sharp teeth, light blue fins, and an Australian Accent
  • In "Friend or Foe", he was among the people who were waiting to buy a burger from young Krabs and Plankton.
  • In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, he makes a cameo appearance as one of the Bottomites in the Chum Bucket and later under Plankton's control and is also later out of the mindcontrol by SpongeBob's guitar blaster.
  • In Hall Monitor he attends boating school and then goes home seen in his boatmobile.
  • In Walking Small his eyeball irritates by sand and then runs away.
  • In Earworm he thinks SpongeBob is tricking him while singing, but SpongeBob tried several so it accidently occured that the krabby patties were exposed in double and served behind Abigail's table.
  • In Grandma's Kisses he and other blue fish were laughing at SpongeBob about a kiss on his forehead.
  • In Oral Report he makes a cameo at the beginning where he and other fish were one of wolf-acting hungry customers exposed impatient to SpongeBob and attack Squidward.
  • In No Hat for Pat he gets grossed out by SpongeBob blowing nose on his fin.
  • In Once Bitten, Harold's most prominent appearance, he is one of the refugees hiding at the Krusty Krab after Bikini Bottom is overrun by zombies, due to mad snail disease. He is married to Evelyn, and he becomes the de facto leader of the fish when Evelyn faints, and wants to kill Gary to stop the disease, but he doesn't when it is revealed that all gary had was a splinter.
  • In Pet or Pests he and Tyler briefly get confirmed on the background seen going out of the supermarket.
  • In Karate Star it was revealed that he works at the lemonade stand while he got surprised from SpongeBob and Patrick practicing their individual karate competition.
  • In Tunnel of Glove he is Shubie's boyfriend as they ride on a roller coaster, altough Shubie is later seen with Nat, later he briefly appears in major situation where he was apparently trapped in line along with other fish stepped by Patrick trying to rescue SpongeBob along with Pearl.
  • In SpongeBob vs the Big One, he thought that Sandy was a spaceman, jabbing her with pitchfork and making Sandy annoyed.
  • In Greasy Buffoons, he wants to try to eat in the two restaurants along with Nat and Frank.
  • In Are You Happy Now?, he attempted to be the first one to climb Mt. Bikini. However, he was greatly upset that SpongeBob and Squidward made it to the top first, gives SpongeBob his flag, and angrily hikes back down. He was seen again getting knocked back down the mountain due to an avalance.
  • In License to Milkshake, he orders a milkshake from SpongeBob but it is frozen. He then demands a refund. He was seen again where he was pleased to have a properly made milkshake.
  • He was seen briefly in Little Yellow Book where he was standing in line at the Krusty Krab waiting to order a Krabby Patty.
  • He was seen in Hello Bikini Bottom. He and the other Bikini Bottomites were upset to see SpongeBob and Squidward performing instead of Ned and the Needlefish and leads an angry mob to chase after the two.
  • He has a cameo in Plankton's Pet where he was happy to see a baby taking away a Krabby Patty. However, after discovering it was Plankton, he was angry at him.
  • In Jailbreak!, he was a Security Guard and he and the other Security Guards attempted to stop Plankton and his cellmates from escaping Bikini Bottom Jail but they end up getting in the wall.
  • In Safe Deposit Krabs, he was seen along with many other Bikini Bottomites waiting for the new Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank to open.


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