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Bikini Bottom Gym
Industry: Gym
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Trainer
First appearance: "The Chaperone"
Latest appearance: "Burst Your Bubble"
List of places

The Gym is a local gym in Bikini Bottom that Larry the Lobster works out at. It is seen in the episodes, "Ghost Host," "The Krabby Kronicle," "You Don't Know Sponge," and "Burst Your Bubble." Another gym is shown in "The Chaperone" as the hosting location of Pearl's prom, possibly being her high school gym.




It is a light pink building with several light blue windows, and on it is a sign that says, "Gym" in capitalized text.


There are many exercising equipment, treadmills, and weights.

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Pearl's Prom Night at the Gym


Prom Nite Gym

This may or may not be the same building. It is seen in the episode "The Chaperone," when Pearl and SpongeBob pull up in a limo.

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