Guppies R Us is a store that sells baby clothes. It only appears in the episode "Spy Buddies."



It is a pink store with baby-associated products featured on the front of it.

Role in episode

Plankton goes to this store and asks an employee if they sell clothes in size -5. He is told that they don't carry clothes in that size, and Plankton walks off sadly by this.


  • It is revealed that Plankton may have bought his clothes from this store. But being unable to get a size -5, he may not have clothes.
    • But in "Spot Returns," he is shown to have a "dinner jacket."
  • It is a common misconception that guppies are baby fish, but in reality, they are actually a type of fish that are quite small.
  • Guppies R Us is a parody of the now-defunct stores Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us.