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First appearance: "The Gift of Gum"
Latest appearance: "The Gift of Gum"

Gummy is a giant ball of chewing gum that only appears in the episode "The Gift of Gum."


It is one of Patrick's greatest possessions. He gave it to SpongeBob on Best Friends Day. SpongeBob was disgusted by Gummy. It had a slice of moldy pizza, a pair of hideous underwear, a toothbrush, and all other sorts of nasty things stuck to it. Eight fish were even trapped in the big, sticky ball of gum (which Patrick seemed unaware of), but SpongeBob freed them. SpongeBob hated it so much, he tried to dispose of it in any way he could, which included burying it, and dumping it in a trash can. Later, SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward all were stuck in Gummy. When SpongeBob gave it up back to Patrick, he ate it, but burped it all out over Bikini Bottom


  • There used to be a living pair of ripped underpants inside of Gummy that knew who Patrick was.
  • Originally, the writers planned to color the gum blue instead of pink.
  • Gummy is used as the cover art on the Season 4 Volume 2 DVD.
  • SpongeBob's attempts to get rid of Gummy including burying him, throwing him away and "stealing him," all which did not work.
  • Another giant ball of gum is seen in "Yeti Krabs."

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