Gummy is a giant ball of chewing gum that appears in and is the central theme of the episode "The Gift of Gum."


Gummy is a giant ball of chewed gum that consists of a moldy slice of pizza, a hideous pair of underwear, dirty socks, a used toothbrush, saliva, and other disgusting things.


It is one of Patrick's greatest possessions. He gives it to SpongeBob on Best Friends Day. SpongeBob is disgusted by Gummy. Eight fish even lived in it (which Patrick seemed unaware of), but SpongeBob eventually frees them.

SpongeBob hates Gummy so much that he tries to dispose of it in any way he could, which includes burying it and dumping it in a trash can. Later, SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward all are stuck in Gummy. When SpongeBob gives it back to Patrick, he eats it, but then winds up burping it out as a result of the hiccups he receives from consuming it. This leaves Bikini Bottom covered entirely in gum.


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