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Transcript Information
The Great Patty Caper short №: 1
Airdate: March 8, 2011
Previous: "The Legend of SpongeBob"
Next: "SpongeLock Holmes and Dr. Patson"
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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants The Great Patty Caper short "GumShoe SquarePants," which aired on March 8, 2011.

  • Voices: GumShoe SquarePants!
  • [shows SpongeBob blowing on a pipe]
  • SpongeBob: The question still persists, why do they call me GumShoe? [he steps on a piece of gum and pulls it of his boot] Well maybe this is why! But where did it come from? [he looks through a magnifying glass and breaks it with his eye] More importantly, can I exercise the five second rule? Hmmm, why not? [starts chewing on the piece of gum and steps on Plankton] What now?
  • Plankton: Hey, watch where you're going you...
  • SpongeBob: Plankton, huh? Wait! Now would they call me PlanktonShoe SquarePants? Well I like the ring of it. There's only one logical option. [wipes Plankton across the ground making him scream and sticks the piece of gum back on his shoe] Well that's one mystery solved, now it's on to the next. Where am I?
  • Voices: GumShoe SquarePants!

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