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Guard Worm
KelpShake store guard worm
Occupation(s): Guarding
Physical appearance
Color: Light Green
Eye color: Black
Classification: Worm
Enemies: Squidward Tentacles
List of characters

A Guard Worm is a large, violent worm, that guards various places in Bikini Bottom. They are a parody of guard dogs.

There is one in the episode, The Lost Mattress, named, "JK" where it was living in the dump, at the moment when Mr. Krabs' misplaced a money filled mattress, Squidward was violently mauled by it various times.

One appears in the episode "BlackJack" when SpongeBob's cousin BlackJack had one guarding his front entrance.

In "Best Frenemies", one was guarding the KelpShake store, on the night Mr. Krabs and Plankton tried to steal the Kelpshake's formula.

There are various worms that work for the Bikini Bottom Police Force. In the episode Slide Whistle Stooges, three guard worms were supporting the police to go against Squidward, but then attacked a police officer when he insulted them after they were going wild by the terrible whistle sounds Squidward made. They are light green and have silver spiked collars.



  • Their spiked collar represent the ones that dangerous dogs normally wear.
  • In the episode "BlackJack," the guard worm's eye's are red, unlike every other appearance of guard worms.
  • The Guard Worm in "Toy Store of Doom" was not mean, or violent, unlike Worms from all other episodes.
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