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Grubby Grouper is a character who appears in the episode "Bubble Buddy" and the book SpongeBob Tees Off.


Grubby Grouper is an old, washed-up dark green fish. He is covered in dirt and flies. He wears an orange hat, a white tank-top, and has a lot of yellow stubble on his face. He wears what looks to be a hat with twitches on it.

He drives an orange boatmobile with wood panels on the sides and a teal patch at the front. In his cargo is a purple surfboard with yellow fins and a yellow stripe going through the middle.

Role in episode

He is a famous surfer and meets Pearl and her friends while in his boat. He shakes his dirty hand with Pearl, and she says that she will never wash her fin again. Shortly after, Bubble Buddy shakes hands with Pearl, cleaning her fin and causing her to cry.