Behold! We are the Greek Chorus! We narrate this epic tale of stupidity!
— Greek Chorus, "Trident Trouble"

The Greek Chorus is a group of chorus members who appear in the episode "Trident Trouble."


The Greek Chorus has four members inside of it. All of them wear red cloaks and have white masks. The first member from the left has a surprised emotion, the second has an angry emotion, the third has a happy emotion, and the last has a sad emotion.


They appear during the title card and say that they will be narrating the episode. They then give commentary throughout the episode.


  • The angry member by far changes his respective facial emotion the most, since he can move his mouth relatively better than the other three members. Most of the others simply keep their facial expressions exactly the same regardless of the situation.
  • They are the first group of characters to narrate a title card while shown on screen.

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