Grandma BubbleBottom[1] is SpongeBob's maternal grandmother. She may have been mentioned in "A Pal for Gary" and/or "SpongeBob's Last Stand."


Grandma BubbleBottom may be known for making meatballs.


She may have been born to SpongeBob's great grandmother.

At some point, she married Mr. BubbleBottom.

At some point, Mr. and Mrs. BubbleBottom had Margaret BubbleBottom. They may have also had another child.

Some point after July 14, 1986, she may have given her grandson, SpongeBob SquarePants, an unlicensed sitar.


"A Pal for Gary"

Grandma BubbleBottom may have been mentioned by SpongeBob when he says, "Mmmmm. You're making meatballs, Grandma?" during the fight between Puffy Fluffy and Gary at night.

"SpongeBob's Last Stand"

While being arrested for playing an unlicensed sitar, SpongeBob mentions how his grandma gave him the sitar without a license. He may have been referring to Grandma BubbleBottom.

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