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Grandma SquarePants' House

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Grandma SquarePants' House
Grandma's House
Industry: Housing
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
First appearance: "Grandma's Kisses"
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Grandma's SquarePants' House is the house where Grandma SquarePants lives. It first appeared in the episode Grandma's Kisses.

Grandpa SquarePants probably have lived here when he was alive. It might have also been the childhood home of Harold Squarepants, Blue SquarePants, and Sherm SquarePants.[citation needed]



The house looks like a country cottage with a hay roof, a wooden door, two small windows, grassy front garden, stone path and a fence encompassing the house. The door's key hole is in the shape of an anchor.


The interior looks like what you would expect a country cottage to look like: a nice big kitchen with enough equipment to make Grandma's cookies, and a nice, warm living room. In Pet Sitter Pat, it is revealed that it also has a bedroom for Grandma SquarePants.

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