Grandma's Tea House
Grandma's Tea House
Industry: Housing
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Products: Tea
Appearance: "Gramma's Secret Recipe"
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Grandma's Tea House is a house that appears in the episode "Gramma's Secret Recipe."


SpongeBob takes his fake great grandma here to try some tea, but does not end up liking it.



The building is a little house. There is a chimney, a red roof, a window, a white door, and orange walls. There is also a small hedge on one side, 4 green steps at the entrance, and a front sign on white wood with 5 hearts on it.


The inside of Grandma's Tea House consists of a white and green-tiled floor with yellow-orange walls that have many paintings hung on them. There is a cream-colored border around the walls. There are round green tables somewhat resembling a tea cup without the handle. The tables have a white lace table cloth with a pink lace center piece, where a vase is placed. The chairs have dark wooden legs with a light-colored stick border and a purple-tufted cushion. Each chair has a pink curvy piece on the top with a heart set in the middle. Two chairs are placed at every table following the same design.


  • Most of the customers there appear to be "elderly."

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