Grandma's Apron
Industry: Store
Founder: Beatrice
Location: Bikini Bottom Mall, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Beatrice (owner)
Pearl (employee)
Products: Grandma-related items
Appearance: "Mall Girl Pearl"
List of places
Grandma's Apron is a store that specializes in grandma-related items. It is located inside the Bikini Bottom Mall. Its only appearance so far is in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl."



It's a little shop on the unknown side of the mall. It's a shop for grandma-related items. It has a rusted, pale green sign outside that reads in a rust-orange font, "Grandma's Apron."

Role in the series

In the episode Mall Girl Pearl, Pearl was looking for a job in the mall, and being the only store currently hiring, she's hired by the owner Beatrice.

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Associated characters


  • It might be similar to Gramma's Closet, which specializes in grandma clothing.

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