Grand Maul Granny is an elderly woman who is part of "The Drastic Radicals." She only appears in the episode "Extreme Spots." She is portrayed by Jill Talley, who also portrays Karen Plankton.


Grand Maul Granny has a large gray wig. A fraction of this wig is restricted by the dark blue helmet she wears. She wears round light blue glasses that completely cover her eyes. Her lips run across her face in a wave-like style. She wears a red dress that only reveals her arms and her legs. Her arms and legs, though, are wrinkled, yet is normal for a woman her age. Her skin color is light green.

Role in episode

She is known to have a prosthetic hip, due to possibly an accident being with the Drastic Radicals or another injury prior to being with the team. She is possibly related to one of the Drastic Radicals, being a grandmother to one of them.