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Grab-it Mart
Industry: Store
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Cashier
Products: Food
Appearance: "Jailbreak!"
List of places

The Grab-it Mart is a store that appears in the episode "Jailbreak!" It is only seen during the Purple Cellmate's flashback sequence. The only known employee is the Cashier.



The outside of the Grab-it Mart appears to be made of metal. It is also a very small store that has a large sign that says "Grab-it Mart" written in red on the top. The inside of the Grab-it Mart resembles any quick stop store having items such as food.

Role in the series

The Grab-it Mart is first seen when the Purple Cellmate was explaining how chum is useful to Plankton. The Purple Cellmate then puts chum on his face, walks into the Grab-it Mart, and scares the cashier into handing him all of the money in the cash register.


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