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The Gorilla is a man in a gorilla suit who appeared in "I Had an Accident". He appeared disguised as Patrick Star and stuffed the real Patrick and Sandy into a bag, and smacked them on the ground and stomped on them, which made SpongeBob finally go outside. He also hangs out with George, and they most likely are friends. When SpongeBob asked what the gorilla was doing underwater in the first place, the gorilla panicked and fled on George before they could question him any further, leaving everybody confused. He is voiced by Frank Welker. The Gorilla also appeared on episode Friend or Foe? in the live action Patchy the Pirate segments, as Patchy's replacement. He is apparently a better cook than Patchy. The Gorilla Suit makes a brief apperence in "SpongeBob's Last Stand" during the song Give Jellyfish Fields a Chance. However, the Gorilla Suit in this episode is animated, unlike in it's other appearances. Also, the Gorilla suit head makes a quick appearance in Shell Shocked, as one of the option's for Gary's new shell after it cracks. In that episode the Gorilla Suit head is animated, just like in SpongeBob's Last Stand.


"Well, it's funny you should, uh, you see, George, they're on to us!" - I Had an Accident


  • The Gorilla is one of few characters that is played in live action within the SpongeBob series itself.
  • It is unknown how he got a job at the resturant in Friend or Foe.

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