Gordon[1] Plankton is the father of Sheldon J. Plankton.


Hooray for Dads!

Gordon looks like his son, except he is yellow-green, has a blue eye instead of a red one, wears an orange shirt with red flowers on it and has a brown mustache with a brown eyebrow.

A Plankton Family Tree

In the comic, he is deep green and looks almost Jellyfish like. He has light green eyes with black pupils and has gray hair and a gray mustache.


Gordon Plankton was born to Mr. and Ella Plankton. He had at least one sibling.

He married Mama Plankton.

They had at least one son named Sheldon J. Plankton.

According to Nicktoons Unite!, they may have had more children as Plankton says, referring to his mother, "I was always her favorite."

At some point, he obtained the job of Insurance Salesman and tried to get his son to follow in his footsteps.[2]