That's right. Gordon.
— Gordon, "Dear Vikings"

Gordon is the leader of the group of vikings outside of Bikini Bottom. He and the vikings only appear in the episode "Dear Vikings."


He is a big olive green fish who is a viking with black eyes and orange hair. He wears a brown viking outfit and viking helmet.


He is sent to the Krusty Krab after his chieftain got SpongeBob's letter to the Vikings that Mr. Krabs had told him about and they come to give him a visit, and kidnap him and Squidward.

Gordon tells SpongeBob and Squidward that all of the Vikings' names are Olaf, but it then turns out that his name is Gordon. Squidward obviously thinks it would be Olaf as well. He orders the execution of an Olaf that said the Vikings sing. They have a boat, and they crashed it in an iceberg, but with the help of SpongeBob, it was patched up. 


  • "We're vikings. Our chieftain sent us here because we got this letter."
  • "Wait, you forgot your blanket!"

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