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Not to be confused with Frank (lifeguard).

Goo Lagoon Lifeguards are enemies that appear in the SpongeBob SquarePants game, "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman."


Goo Lagoon Lifeguards can come in two sizes: normal size and big size, who are twice as big as the ordinary ones. Note that larger lifeguards don't talk, unlike the smaller ones who are very vocal.

Each lifeguard wears a white vest with a red medical cross in the middle of it. They also each have sunglasses on their faces as well as a whistle in their mouths. Their teeny-tiny stubby little legs have a pair of small red shorts on them. And, if you observe them closely enough, you can see an anchor tattoo on one of the arms of each one.

They have red spikes running down their backs, which could indicate that the lifeguards are porcupine fish.

When a lifeguard isn't down on the sand, they are in their lifeguard tower. The larger lifeguards often rest up there until SpongeBob takes out a normal lifeguard, so the tougher one in the nearest tower leaps down to fulfill his place.


When you hear a lifeguard shout, it's a sign that he has turned hostile. To fight them off, belly-slamming and punching is a good way to retaliate. Normal-sized lifeguards are easier and it only takes two belly-slams/punches to destroy them, but larger ones take longer and are much stronger, be prepared once you've taken out the first one. Again, belly-slamming comes in handy, but try not to land on his head; it won't affect him in any way and once you're back on the ground, the lifeguard will take the opportunity to swing his fists at you. So be sure to be equipped with the maximum amount of pants (5) and be careful.


Upon spotting SpongeBob, the alerted lifeguard will shout several lines:

  • "Hey! No running on the beach!"
  • "Are you looking for trouble?!"
  • "I thought I told you to slow down!"
  • "Get off the beach, runt!"


While SpongeBob is visiting Goo Lagoon, many lifeguards are scattered around the main area. If he approaches one, the lifeguard will try to attack him.

If SpongeBob approaches the lifeguard tower near the juice stand, the lifeguard in it will hop down and fight SpongeBob. Defeating him will result in a lifeguard tower rising from the ground with a large lifeguard, who will fight SpongeBob. This repeats until there are five lifeguard towers near the juice stand. SpongeBob can then use these to get to the 'P' letter tile on top of the juice stand.