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Golden Spatula

Golden spatuler


Type: Spatula
First appearance: "Plankton!"
Latest appearance: "Neptune's Spatula"
List of objects

A Golden Spatula is a specific type of spatula, which first appeared in the episode "Plankton!" They are completely golden, except for the black handle. Many golden spatulas are prominently featured in the Battle for Bikini Bottom video game, as one of the main objectives of the game is to collect as many golden spatulas as possible. This is done by completing various tasks, such as finding socks, collecting shiny objects, and bungee-jumping. Golden Spatulas have been known to be awarded to the great chefs and bakers of Applied Nutrition 3.

Role in series

Role in "Plankton!"

The golden spatula featured in "Plankton!" served as a gift from Plankton to SpongeBob in order to befriend him. It even has SpongeBob's name carved into it. Plankton claimed it was his birthday tomorrow, and the yellow sponge was invited to his party. Plankton said he wanted SpongeBob to get him a Krabby Patty for his birthday, in return for the golden spatula. Upon saying this, SpongeBob then realized that all the green single-celled organism really wanted was the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. The protection of the formula overcame SpongeBob's gift and Plankton's sweet talking in his mind, and SpongeBob then stated that he now knew of this plan, and angirly walked away in the direction opposite from the evil microscopic genius.

Role in Battle for Bikini Bottom

The golden spatulas seen in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom, act as a goal for completing a level/task. Once the player has collected a golden spatula during a task, the player knows that it is completely finished, and there is nothing else to accomplish in that task. Once the player has received one from a task, the player can not receive the same one or a different one from that task, even if the player redoes all of the steps for getting it. The golden spatulas are one of the main collectible items in the game, alongside shiny objects and Patrick's socks, as there are 100 golden spatulas in all. At least one can be found in each level, the amount ranging from 1-8. Here is a list of levels with their spatula amounts (representing the number in parentheses):

The player can also receive spatulas by:

  • Giving Mr. Krabs a certain amount of shiny objects (8)
    • 3,000 for 1st
    • 3,500 for 2nd
    • 4,000 for 3rd
    • 4,500 for 4th
    • 5,000 for 5th
    • 5,500 for 6th
    • 6,000 for 7th
    • 7,500 for 8th
  • Returning 10 socks at a time to Patrick (8)


  • Patrick cannot say spatula, and always confuses it with other random items, like a backscratcher, or turkey baster, for example.
  • When SpongeBob once corrected Patrick in saying spatula, he said he could not speak Italian. However, in the episode "Wormy," whenever Patrick is "talking" to birdy, he says he is speaking Italian, not "bird". Later on, when Sandy's cricket lets out a few chirps, SpongeBob tells Sandy that he cannot speak Italian.
  • In BFBB (console versions) once the player defeats Robo-Patrick (industrial park), the player cannot trade shiny objects for spatulas until the player saves the Krusty Krab.
  • The mouse cursor in Operation Krabby Patty is a golden spatula.
  • In the game Bubble Bros, it appears to be a item.

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