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Glowing Three-Spot

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Glowing Three-Spot
SpongeBob's Last Stand 06
Colors: Pink
Kingdom: Animalia (Animal) (WP)
Phylum: Cnidaria (WP)
Subphylum: Medusozoa(WP)
List of species

The Glowing Three-Spot is a rare type of jellyfish. This rare jellyfish only comes to Jellyfish Fields in the yearly jellyfish migration. The jellyfish also has relatives which are the Golden Singer Jellyfish and the Lime Dragon Jellyfish. It makes a cameo in the episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand."


It is pink with three spots and six tentacles. As the name suggests, it glows. The species looks like a regular jellyfish, but has 3 spots, glows, and has six stingers.

Octavius rex2
"Octavius Rex, a.k.a. long, tan, and handsome!"
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