Glovey Glove is the official mascot of Glove World! He first appears in the episode "Roller Cowards."


Glovey is a fish in a glove costume. The costume is a cream-colored glove with three fingers and one thumb, two large eyes with three eyelashes, and a large smile with two large dimples. 


in "Roller Cowards," SpongeBob points to him and says to Patrick, "Look! It's Glovey Glove." Patrick used to love Glovey Glove when he was little, but Patrick refuses to get close to Glovey Glove this time, likely because he is frightened of the creepy face on the costume. SpongeBob takes a picture of Patrick and Glovey, and Patrick sarcastically says that he looks great. In "Glove World R.I.P.," Patrick wears a Glovey Glove costume that does not have the same face as Glovey Glove in "Roller Cowards."