Glove World Power Plant was a maintenance room attached to the Tunnel of Glove that only appears in the episode "Tunnel of Glove." It was off limits to non-employees. The room mostly contains Fuse Boxes, Water Pipes, and Water Valves.


The room is blue with a red door, and on top, there is a big sign, which reads, "Off Limits." Attached to the roof of the building is a big sign that reads "Glove World Power Plant."

Role in episode

It was the room that controlled all of the functions of The Tunnel of Glove. In this room, Patrick searched for SpongeBob, who went with Pearl to the Tunnel of Glove. Patrick misreads the sign as saying “Congratulations! You have found your friend!”. When he broke in looking for SpongeBob, he found a sort of "electricity supplier," which looked like SpongeBob, so he ripped it off the wall and took it with him. The electrician realized what Patrick had done. While he was repairing the "electricity supplier," Patrick sat on and broke the lever, causing the ride to get stuck in "dangerous super-fast mode," and then used the "facilities" (which was really one of the main water controllers).