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Globulous Maximus is a humongous living booger leading the Morphoid invasion and the main antagonist in Globs of Doom. It is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


He appears to be a large piece of dried nasal mucus with several eyes surrounding him on his face.


At the beginning of the game, Globulous sent out his Morphoid minions to destroy different worlds. But soon some heroes from the Earth, SpongeBob, Danny, Jimmy, Tak, and Zim, along with some villains, now named 'The Evil Syndicate' they teamed up with, started to fight their way through their worlds. Morphoid goo always seemed to fall on SpongeBob after the boss battles and Globulous used SpongeBob as a puppet to communicate with the gang. Soon they were able to build the Vessel of Portencia and blasted into space, where they confronted, fought, and defeated Globulous. After that, the Evil Syndicate decided to try to use Globulous for evil, and betrayed the heroes, ejecting them from the Vessel while they blasted away to the Moon to come up with a plan, stranding them with Globulous. Globulous then opened up to the heroes, not wanting to be used for the Evil Syndicate's evil, and they asked why the giant glob was trying to destroy Earth. Globulous told them that at the beginning of time, he was literally sneezed into existence during the Big Sneeze, and for thousands of years he hated his gross appearance, so he decided to take his anger out on other and started his attempt to destroy their worlds. The heroes felt sorry for him, and SpongeBob tells him to embrace his gooiness, and the heroes start to feed him Krabby Patties, but they end up tossing a giant tissue at him, which Globulous didn't find funny. The heroes then tried to figure out how to stop the Evil Syndicate. Globulous then had an idea, and morphed himself into a giant, orange, and one-eyed version of SpongeBob. He then used this form to bring the heroes to the Moon and help them defeat the Evil Syndicate. After leaving the villains stranded in space, Globulous brought the heroes back to Earth, and dubbed himself 'SpongeGlob,' and after explaining his new intentions, set off to right the wrongs he made in the universe.

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  • Globulous Maximus in Latin is "Important Globulous."