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Giant clam

Giant Clam in Tea At The Treedome

Giant Clam in No Free Rides

Giant Clam in Clams

Giant Clam in The Thing

Giant Clam in Porous Pockets

Giant Clam in Sold!

Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark purple
Series information
First appearance: "Tea at the Treedome"
List of characters

The Giant clam is an animal that tried to eat Sandy, and appeared in various episodes.


Giant clams are ten times bigger than a normal Scallop. They are seen as dark purple. Their lips are light purple, the inside of their mouths are light-gray, and their tongues are light-pink.


In the episode "Tea at the Treedome," SpongeBob rescued Sandy, but SpongeBob then got stuck in the clam's mouth. Sandy tosses the giant clam in the air and it fell to its demise. However, SpongeBob was freed.

In "No Free Rides," SpongeBob sees a sign called "Giant Clams" and huge clams start eating SpongeBob while he is holding onto his boat, being driven by Mrs. Puff.

In "The Smoking Peanut," SpongeBob is seen throwing a peanut at a giant clam named Clamu, causing her to wake up in an emotional outburst.

In "Clams," a giant clam named Old Bluelip appears as the main antagonist. During the episode, he ended up eating Mr. Krabs's Millionth Dollar. At the end of the episode, Old Bluelip gives back the dollar, but eats most of Mr. Krabs' body.

In "The Thing," a giant clam was snapping at Squidward when he was thrown into the animal control truck after they mistaken him for an unknown creature.

In "Porous Pockets," a giant clam choked on a pearl, in which SpongeBob and Patrick took, used for Volleyball, and sold, which triggered SpongeBob to be very rich, thus angering Patrick.

In "Sold!," a giant clam has a Price Reduced sign, a Pool Home sign, and a Foreclosure sign. It is seen on Patrick Star's TV on the beginning of the comercial "Homes! Homes! Homes! Homes! Homes!"


  • Giant clams in real life are the largest Mollusks, so it's understandable that there was a struggle for SpongeBob and Sandy.
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