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Online game
Gesundheit Geyser
Gesundheit Geyser
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Gesundheit Geyser is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


SpongeBob has fallen into a pit with lava-spewing geysers. The player must use a feather duster to tickle SpongeBob's nose and move him over the geysers. If the player lets SpongeBob stand in a spot for too long, the lava will catch with SpongeBob and it hurts him. The game ends when SpongeBob touches too much lava.


Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher.

  • Sometimes, the player can use the fire extinguisher to cool SpongeBob off.
  • This marks the first SpongeBob online mini-game for 2009.
  • The music "Leaf Blower" is played as background music for the entire game.
  • On the loading screen, it shows a "please stand by" screen with a number counter in the middle center of the screen.
Gesundheit Geyser loading screen

Please stand by loading screen

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