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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Gary in Love" from season seven, which aired on February 6, 2010.
  • [episode starts with Gary watching TV]
  • Monica: Help! Help!
  • Pirate: [Laughs heartily when a heart shaped box of chocolates is thrown at him. He groans and faints]
  • Brad: Monica!
  • Monica: [gasps] Brad! [She and Brad run up to each other and hug]
  • Brad: Oh, Monica, I've thought I might never find you. [Gary's eyes brim with tears] I promise to never leave you at your side.
  • Monica: Oh, Brad.
  • Brad: Oh, Monica. [Gary is about to cry when SpongeBob turns off the TV]
  • SpongeBob: Do you know what today is little guy?
  • Gary: Meow?
  • SpongeBob: It's take Gary a walk in a park day!
  • Gary: [Bored] Meow.
  • [Gary is about to slither away when SpongeBob leashed him and take him for a walk. Scene cuts to the Snail Park where all the other snails live. SpongeBob and Gary walk in
  • SpongeBob: Isn't this great Gary? A whole park full of your own species. [Gary sees all the other snails are bored] Go ahead, have a good time. [he sees the two owners sleeping on a bench and SpongeBob walks and sits down between them] I'll just sit down here for a sec. [falls asleep with the two owers. Gary sees the two other snails on the swing feeling bored then he sees one snail about to climb up the ladder where the slide is next to and falls down feeling bored, and Gary saw the seasaw where a little snail named 'Mary' is on. Gary's eyes turn into hearts and slithers to the other side of the seasaw. Mary sees Gary who is falling in love with her.
  • Gary: [to Mary] Meoooow.
  • Mary: [to Gary] Meooow. [Gary and Mary are sea sawing up and down. Suddenly someone flipped Gary on the seasaw in mid-air]
  • Gary: MREOOOW REOOOOW REOOOOOOOOOW REOOOW!!! OOF!! [A snail slithers up to Gary]
  • Snail Boss: Hey, Light wit! What do you think you're doing with my girl? [to Mary] Come on Mary, let's go.
  • Mary: Mreoooow. [Slithers next to Gary who smiled at her]
  • Snail Boss: [to Gary] You've just made a big mistake pal.
  • Gary: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... [both growled at each other when SpongeBob picks Gary up]
  • SpongeBob: Say good-bye to your friends, Gary! Play time's over! I'll just wip you up some dinner! [walks off with Gary in his hands]
  • Gary: [to Mary] Meoooow.
  • Mary: [to Gary] Meoooow. [Mable walks up and picks up Mary]
  • Mable/Monica: Let's go, Mary. [walks off]
  • Snail Boss: Hey, this ain't over, Runt! When I'm get thought with you, The doctor won't know where to sow your lips back on...or two! [two of the other angry snails slither up to their leader of the snail gang] That little runt is going to get what's coming to him! [scene cuts to SpongeBob wiping up some seaweed noodle stew in the kitchen]
  • SpongeBob: Mmm-mmm sea weed noodle stew. [Scene srolls over to Gary drawing a picture of Mary which Gary is falling in love with her]
  • Gary: Meow.
  • SpongeBob: [sets the sea weed noodle stew on the picture of Mary] Bon appetit, Gary, I made it with extra love. [Gary sees the sea weed noodle stew, which turns into a scupter of Mary the Snail. Gary kisses the sea weed noodle stew] Well it's not exacily what I had in mined but knock yourself out. [walks off to his room getting ready for bed. Gary kept on kissing the sea weed noodle stew and stops]
  • Gary: [Sighs sadly and Meows. Scene cuts to SpongeBob doing the touching toe exercice]
  • SpongeBob: One, two. One, two. [Gary comes slithering in SpongeBob's room looking all sad] Oh. There you are. That sure is a knock out dinner, ey?
  • Gary: Meow.
  • SpongeBob: Come on Gary, it's time for beddy bye! [sets Gary on the newspapers which are beds, then to Gary] Night night, Gare-Bare. [turns off the light and he, Gary fall asleep. Then we zoom inside Gary's head which he dreams about him and Mary playing on a seasaw Mary slithers toward Gary and they both kiss with their lips when the dream ended. We zoom outside Gary's head, and Gary woke up from his dream. Gary, Slithers out of SpongeBob's house to go find Mary. The next morning, the foghorn alarm goes off and SpongeBob wakes up with a smile, he yawns] Good Morning, Gary! [notices that Gary is not here] Hmm? He's not here. Oh. Right. He's probably playing with the litter box again. [goes over the guess room where the litter box is] Peek-a-boo! [notices that Gary are not there either] Hmm? Not in here either. [wents down the stairs in the kitchen] Gary? Where are you? [Notices a empty plate of sea weed noodle stew] Hmph. I am gonna teach that snail how to clean up after themselves. [picks up the plate and notices a picture of Mary that Gary drew] Hun? What's this? Is this some kind of ransom note? [sees apicture of a female snail] Holy Neptune! My pet Gary have been snailnapped by a deraged snaillover!!! [He goes outside to save Gary] Don't worry Gare-bare, I'll save you!! [scene cuts to Gary slithering toward Snail Park where all the other snails are. He looks in a pipe]
  • Gary: Meow? [Gary then sees a siloette of a girl snail on a slide. He rushes to meet her, but it was only a disgusting snail]
  • Disgusting Snail: [low voice] Meeooooooooow...
  • Gary: Meow reow. [slithers away. Evil Snail's #1, 2, & 3 arrive to a hole in the gate]
  • Snail Boss: After me, fellas. [They slither in the Snail Park under neath the gate hole]
  • Bully snail: [struggles to get through the gate hole but the spikes on top of his shell is getting in the way] Hey, how come we never go to the front, guys?
  • Snail Boss: 'Cause bad guys don't never use the front door!
  • Bully snail: [gets through the gate hole] Well, I think that's pretty ridiculous. [they slither toward the other snails who are playing and doing stunts]
  • Snail Boss: [to all the other snails] All right. listen up! Any of you seen a snail come through here? About a... ye tall, a shell, couple of eyes? [all the other snails don't get it]
  • Bully snail: I think you have to be more prescritive.
  • Snail Boss: Oh, okay, Let's see here. uhh, This preticular snail think it's really funny to make Google eyes on my girl. [All the other snails laugh and continued playing and doing stunts] Hey! What you was all giggling at? Theys giggling at me! Alright, that it! you weres all going on my list! He's got that... your all on the list! [they slithered off through the gate hole but one snail with spikes on top is stuck and can't get through he then struggles and sighs. Scene cuts to SpongeBob looking for Gary]
  • SpongeBob: Gary? Gary? Where are you, Buddy? [Stops and slides on some trail of snail slime that he just saw and gasps] Snail Slime! Looks like could be Gary's. [touches the snail smile with his finger] Now for the true test. [He uses his tough and licks it to make sure it's Gary's slime] Uh-hun. It is Gary's slime. I'm on the trail, Gary! [Follows Gary's Snail Slime. Scene cuts to Gary slithering onthe sidewalk looking for Mary and her owner. He slithers through dozens of snails with their owners then they stop and look both ways and a dozens of poochworms and their owner walks by they continued slithering on and sees Mary with her owner. He slithers toward her while all the other snail and worm owners go across the street. Gary sees Mary and her Owner walking in towards the pet store and goes inside there when they bump into the pet store owner "Harold"]
  • Harold: [picks up Gary] Why, hello there little fello. Are you a stray. [sets Gary on the sale cage] There you are. Isn't that better?
  • Gary: [to Harold, sadly] Meow reow. [Gary sees Mary leaving outside the pet store with Mable. A few seconds later, the three angry snail gang slithers inside the pet store and Gary hides in his shell. the three angry snail gang slither toward Harold and tells where Gary are]
  • Snail Boss: Meow meow meow meow?
  • Harold: No. no I haven't seen any stray snails near by.
  • Snail Boss: [to the other two angry snails] He's trying to pull up the fast one, fellas. [smiles evily] Why don't we give him a taste of our own grand of swift justice?!
  • Narrator: Two hours later. [we see the pet store is all broken and torn inside that the three angry snail gang just wrecked and Harold just sitting there all scared]
  • Snail Boss: Ha! That's enough, Boys. I've think we've done a ferrow job.
  • Bully snail: Yeah. Let's go back to finding that snail. [whacks the cash register next to Harold. Then a orange snail with a red cap on sees the sale cage which is not broken]
  • Dan: Hey Boss, There's one left.
  • Snail Boss: Oh yeah? [slithers toward the cage with a bat] I know you weres in there,you little Runt! [Breaks the sale cage with the bat revealing a big green vicious worm]
  • Vicious Worm: [barks loudly]
  • Snail Boss: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! [Worm attacks him]
  • Dan and Bully snail: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! [runs for their lives]
  • Snail Boss: AHH MOMMY! MOMMY! [Gary escapes and Harold spots him]
  • Harold: You! [Gary just kept on running] Come back here! You gotta help me clean this place up! [Gary slithered out of the broken pet store, then Harold talked to himself] You brought this on yourself, Harold. No I didn't Harold. Yes you did Harold. Harold I did not. [Gary slither across the street when a car just pulled up it was Mable and Mary inside the car and Mable honks the horn]
  • Mable/Monica: Come on, move it! [Gary sees Mary and his eyes google and his hearts float around] Get out of the road! [drives around Gary and goes off. Gary is about to go after her when the two angry snail gang showed up and grabs Gary's tail by the tail]
  • Bully snail: Where do you think you're going? [Gary sees and hears Mary meowing for help. Dan and the Bully snail try to grab Gary]
  • Bully snail: Get' em!
  • Dan and Bully snail: [Gary jumps out of the way and hit each other with an oof and their eyestalks get tangled. They try to get free when they see Gary comes up galloping and jumping into their two angry snail gang's tangled eyestalks and catapoltes himself into the air. Gary is flying in mid-air then he noticed that snails don't fly, Gary falls into the car and on the car seat and he lands on the driver's head, which the driver screams and drives crazy. Gary Jumps into Mable's car and lands safely into the back of the car seat and slithers toward Mary]
  • Gary: [to Mary] Meoooow.
  • Mary: [to Gary] Meooow. [SpongeBob finally stops and sees Gary and Mary inside Mable's car]
  • SpongeBob: Gary? Gary?! [Gary and Mary purrs at each other happliy when Mable sees Gary in her car and gasps]
  • Mable/Monica: What the? [parks the car and SpongeBob crashes into the motor] What do you think you're doing in my car? No free rides, Loafer! [picks up Gary when SpongeBob finally found them]
  • SpongeBob: [to Mable] Hold it right there! Hands off my Gary you snailnapper!
  • Mable/Monica: Snailnapper? [gets out of the car and puts down Gary] I don't want your dumb ol' snail.
  • SpongeBob: Oh yeah. I supposed he wandered out of the house in the middle of the night just as though he can jump into your car.
  • Gary: Meow.
  • SpongeBob: Not now Gary, I'm scolding. And I Suppose... Wh wh what?
  • Gary: Meow meow meow meow. Meow.
  • SpongeBob: You did wander out of the house on your own? But why? [Mary comes slithering next to Gary and SpongeBob sees that Gary and Mary purring at each other happily] Oh, I see why. Good Ol' fashion to Marry! [Just then, Boss just caught up to Gary]
  • Snail Boss: Hey! This ain't over yet, Runt! [The two snails start growling at each other when Brad shows up from the TV that Gary was watching earlier in the episode]
  • Brad: Monica? Monica!
  • Mable/Monica: [gasps] Brad! [The two run to each other and huged]
  • Brad: Oh, Monica, I've thought I've never find you Monica. I was just taking Billy here for a walk. [we see a handsome snail named "Billy" next to Brad. Mary turns around and slithers towards Billy]
  • Mary: [To Billy] Meoooow.
  • Billy: [to Mary-Handsomely] Meow. [the two snails kept growling at each other and stop to see that Mary and Billy are together and in love]
  • Snail Boss: Huh?
  • Gary: Meow??
  • Brad: I promise to never again leave you at your side. Now let us go get some steam hot cup of joe. [the two started to walk off with their snails]
  • Mable/Monica: Oh, Brad.
  • Brad: Oh, Monica.
  • SpongeBob: That's gotta hurt, Gary.
  • Gary: Meow reow.
  • Snail Boss: [smiles then To Gary] Eh. Come on Runt, I'll show you this great dumpster where we can find some seaweed noodle stew.
  • Gary: [smiles] Meow! [He and Snail Boss slithered off toward the dumpster]
  • SpongeBob: Don't stay out too late, Gary! [Sighs happily] They grow up so fast.

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