Once Bitten 08

Gary biting Squidward in "Once Bitten."

This article documents the relationship of Gary the Snail and Squidward Tentacles. Being SpongeBob's pet snail, Squidward hates Gary, and the latter returns the favor. Squidward is so careless about Gary that he almost killed him in "I Was a Teenage Gary."

Despite their rivalry, there have been a few peaceful moments between the two, though said moments tend not to last very long.

Soft side

The first time that Squidward and Gary had a good relationship was in "Culture Shock," in which Squidward allows Gary to be in the Krusty Krab Talent Show. Another soft moment between the pair is in "Giant Squidward," where they share the same opinion about SpongeBob being annoying; Squidward replies "Oh, tell me about it!" Another time was in "That Sinking Feeling." Squidward searches SpongeBob in his house and when he spots Gary on the roof, he says "hi" to him.


  • In "I Was a Teenage Gary," Squidward lies to SpongeBob that he will feed Gary, only to act negligent towards him and enjoy his SpongeBob-free vacation, causing Gary to nearly die of hunger and thirst.
  • In "Can You Spare a Dime?," Gary calls Squidward a free loader as the latter calls him other bad names.
  • In "The Great Snail Race," he forcefully races against Squidward's snail, Snellie.
  • In "Once Bitten," Squidward makes many anti-snail wooden logs. A log somehow gets inside Gary's foot and he gets a splinter. Gary goes out of control because the splinter or log is uncontrollably painful; Squidward is the first to get bitten.
  • "The Thing" reveals that Gary attacked Squidward violently. When Squidward turned into the thing, Gary violently attacked Squidward again.
  • In "Patty Caper," when SpongeBob blames Gary for supposedly stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula, Gary describes another suspect—Squidward. Based on the picture Patrick had drawn of Squidward, Gary must think the latter is very ugly.
  • In "Little Yellow Book," he bites Squidward's tentacle because he was saying horrible words to SpongeBob, his owner.
  • In "Unreal Estate," Gary attacks Squidward when the latter sneaks into SpongeBob's bedroom at night to clog his alarm clock with pepper.