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Video game
Gary's Revenge is a and SpongeBob SquarePants online game that is based on the episode "A Pal for Gary."
Gary's Revenge


In this game you control a slingshot to launch shells at Nudibranches. You may have to knock down walls or other obstacles to reach them. Some shells offer power ups like explosions.

  • After completing a level you will be rewarded with bronze, sliver, gold shell. It depends on what score you have.

The game is very similar to Angry Birds. 


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters


  • Unlike "A Pal for Gary," none of the Puffy Fluffies turn into big monsters.
  • This game is similar to the game "Scrappy Stinks" on
    • This game was made because everyone hated the episode, A Pal for Gary, while Scrappy Stinks was made because Scrappy was blamed for Scooby Doo's decline in the 1980's.
  • If the player doesn't use all the shells, it counts them as bonus points.
  • In order to get the bonus levels, it requires:
    • 12 bronze rewards to unlock Bonus Level 1
    • 12 sliver rewards to unlock  Bonus Level 2
    • 12 gold rewards to unlock  Bonus Level 3
  • This game is extremely similar to Angry Birds, a Rovio app series. Gary acts as the Birds while Puffy Fluffy acts as the Pigs.

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